Thursday, May 14, 2009

How To Be In The Winners Circle

Hi World,
The last couple of days have been interesting for me. I had a cloud looming over my head on Tuesday called 'We need more money coming into our bank account'. I noticed that my eating habits were a little different than the day before. I seem to be always looking for a snack. Thankfully we only have healthy snacks in our house. So there is the first 'How to', do not have anything bad to tempt you in the house etc. Then I was going to the gym and I found an excuse not to. Next 'How To' Make sure you have an accountability partner for your exercising. That way when you don't fell like it they will be the power of what is possible when you are not.
So today I have been down the gym for 2 hours as my partner in the TV show asked to meet him there as he wanted to show me how to use more of the equipment. I now have a positive mind that has me make choices that work for the future I am creating. Slim, Sexy, Heather.
Thanks for reading my update.

Heather Szasz

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