Monday, May 25, 2009

Its Beach Time

Yes here in Florida you could say it is always beach time. Well a friend of mine invited me to the beach and I have to tell you I was so glad that I had decided to start my weight loss program and exercise. My stomach was flatter due to the flush tablets I had taken in the program I purchased at Also my legs didn't have that extra skin that I so wanted to pin up to the top of my thighs. Now my muscles were filling out. I actually felt good even though I have a ways to go before loosing the excess flab.
I feel better now at showing up at the tv studio.

Thanks for taking this journey with me


Monday, May 18, 2009

Its Time to Get Orgainzed

Well that was the weekend and wasn't it fun. Looking back on last week I only attended the gym twice instead of the three times I said I would. It does help my body if I do as I say. I can see what is missing is the fact that I do not have visiting the gym in my schedule. It happens when I see a slot. So after this post I will do that.
It was my sons birthday party on Saturday at the beach. I was the only one who did not go swimming but sat under a covered area with every ones stuff. Not a surprise as my legs are not the way I would love them to look. Then there was the birthday cake. Well I was able to have a slice as I came across this product called Cheat. Yes it really works, a natural food fiber that when you sprinkle it on your food it takes 25% of the calories straight through the system. Check it out at
So remember put in your schedule what is important to you.

Have a fun day,


Thursday, May 14, 2009

How To Be In The Winners Circle

Hi World,
The last couple of days have been interesting for me. I had a cloud looming over my head on Tuesday called 'We need more money coming into our bank account'. I noticed that my eating habits were a little different than the day before. I seem to be always looking for a snack. Thankfully we only have healthy snacks in our house. So there is the first 'How to', do not have anything bad to tempt you in the house etc. Then I was going to the gym and I found an excuse not to. Next 'How To' Make sure you have an accountability partner for your exercising. That way when you don't fell like it they will be the power of what is possible when you are not.
So today I have been down the gym for 2 hours as my partner in the TV show asked to meet him there as he wanted to show me how to use more of the equipment. I now have a positive mind that has me make choices that work for the future I am creating. Slim, Sexy, Heather.
Thanks for reading my update.

Heather Szasz

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Solution To The Issue

So yesterday I left you with looking at why the extra weight is there.
Now what do you do !!
So for example with my sister and her cancer and my extra weight problem. It wasn't until she passed away and I saw that TV show I told you about, that I realized that it was the guilt of not being able to do more for her and maybe she would have lived if I had said or done more.
So I was coached by a good friend and saw that no matter how much guilt and sadness, it would never bring my sister back and my health was now being impacted by my eating habits. My sister was a very slim, beautiful women and would love me to take care of myself always.

So now I am on the journey to take care of myself.

Hope you are having a fun day.