Monday, May 18, 2009

Its Time to Get Orgainzed

Well that was the weekend and wasn't it fun. Looking back on last week I only attended the gym twice instead of the three times I said I would. It does help my body if I do as I say. I can see what is missing is the fact that I do not have visiting the gym in my schedule. It happens when I see a slot. So after this post I will do that.
It was my sons birthday party on Saturday at the beach. I was the only one who did not go swimming but sat under a covered area with every ones stuff. Not a surprise as my legs are not the way I would love them to look. Then there was the birthday cake. Well I was able to have a slice as I came across this product called Cheat. Yes it really works, a natural food fiber that when you sprinkle it on your food it takes 25% of the calories straight through the system. Check it out at
So remember put in your schedule what is important to you.

Have a fun day,


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