Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lets Begin Getting Sleak And Sexy

Good Morning,
Well here we are on a journey to look the part for a TV show that is in the process of being funded. I know i have a few months to get to that place of looking exactly what the character needs to look like.
So my core4 shake powder came in yesterday. This mornings breakfast is a shake with the powder, frozen strawberries, chia seeds. I make mine with water not milk. It was yummy. Now I need to do the same for my lunch to get this weight loss off to a good start. I also took my accelerate pill and then another one at lunch time as well. These give me energy and help me burn off more fat.
Last night after walking the dogs I decided to use the skip rope I had bought from the store last week. I had heard that it is a great way to exercise. I couldn't believe that after a few minutes my heart was racing. I will put that in every night after I have walked the dogs for 30 minutes.

Have a fun filled day


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