Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Making a Difference Right Now

Hi everyone,
I just finished watching the Michael Jackson memorial service. The message that came across to me is what do I want to be remembered for? What legacy do I want to leave for generations?
Being in the winners circle would be the answer to that question. Winning at what ever you choose in your life.
Today I was communicating with my partner in the TV show I am putting together. He is now creating another TV show where they have 25 contestants staying in one house while the competition is being held over the length of the show. He needs a house mother who will keep them all on the straight and narrow. His wife thought of me and the difference I would make.
So as the competition is in regards to the perfect body I have to diet and work out to be able to fulfill on this new role on TV. Here I am making a difference for those competitors.
So here goes down the gym everyday, watching what I eat and taking the core4 products as they are designed, not the way I have been taking them.

Thanks for checking in.



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