Monday, June 15, 2009

Time To Sell The Gym Equipment

I remember when I had a residential cleaning business and the amount of houses I went into that exercise equipment holding the laundry!!! Have any of that going on in your house?
Is the time or the commitment or the distraction of living at home that stops you from using it? Well a couple of years ago I came across someone who has put a 4 minute workout together. Now he has about 12 different 4 min work outs on the DVD. You may think to your self well what good is 4 mins going to do. Let me tell you I could hardly walk into the next room after finishing one of them. It is powerful and such little time commitment. Quatro Fitness is the name of the company. Look them up on line. Combine this with a good eating plan and the cheat and flush from and what a body.

Have a wonderful healthy day


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