Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nine Reasons Why We Gain Weight

1. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise
2. Emotional tension & Subconcious Beliefs
3. High levels of stress
4. Thyroid imbalance
5. Liver malfunction and cellulite
6. Poor circulation and low metabolism
7. Poor elimination and toxic build up
8. Pancreas imbalance and sugar cravings
9. Allergies to foods and substances

All of the above listed health challenges often have weight gain as one of the symptoms of the imbalance going on. Dr Robert O Young Ph.D., author of The pH Miracle, said that part of why fat is created by the body is to save our lives by storing the toxins away from our blood and vital organs. To select the latest weight loss diet is to set ourselves up for discouragement as we do the yo-yo diet of loosing and gaining weight. This is also an unhealthy cycle for our bodies. It further stresses it because it is taxing to an already imbalanced system. If we get to the root cause then our bodies can be given what they need so that they easily and effortlessly release fat. I highly recommend finding a good Naturopathic Physician, Nutritionist or Health Practitioner of choice to guide any one who is thinking about dealing with health challenges that lead to weight gain

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